october 20, 2022

Our Favorite Moody Paint Colors

This time of year always has us feeling more drawn to those rich, moody hues. But, there are a few darker colors that transcend the seasons.

While we’re known for our light and bright interiors, we love a dose of drama. From contrasted cabinetry to bold bathrooms, almost every project of ours includes at least one space or design detail that features dark paint. Now, we understand the initial trepidation of playing with these colors, but we’re here to calm those fears!

We’ve found that the typical worries like it’ll make the room feel smaller, that it won’t go with the rest of your home, etc. quickly vanish when you see the finished result. What it ends up providing to your home is depth, character, and prevents your overall design from being too one-note. For most of our clients, the moodier areas often end up being their favorite spaces even!

For those looking to go to the dark side, today we’re rounding up our tried-and-true favorite moody paint colors!


Left: Urbane Bronze – Stone Lake Project | Right: Kendall Charcoal – Middleton Project


Above: Hale Navy – Echo Lake Project


Left: Southern Vinge – Ashland Ave. Project | Right: Vintage Vogue – Deer Lake Project


Left and Right: Townsend Harbor Brown – Stone Lake Project & Modern Iteri Project


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