february 14, 2023

Our Favorite Small Kitchen Appliances

Small kitchen appliances can be cooking game-changers, but also the worst when they aren’t worth the counter space they take up. With so many options out there today (and something new seemingly coming out every year!), we’ve polled our team and put our appliances to the test to find the best small appliances that you really need.

When it comes to kitchen design, we talk a lot about the importance of appliance garages. This feature was created to hide your smaller appliances (i.e., coffee maker, toaster, blender, etc.) in cabinetry so that it’s not sitting out and taking up valuable counter space. Although these appliances make our lives so much easier, they do end up taking up treasured space on your counters. Nicknamed “appliance garages”, features like this are a great idea for smaller kitchens.

Because we know that the trend of these smaller appliances isn’t going away anytime soon, we thought that we’d create a curated list of our top 8 pieces that we use on a weekly, if not every day, basis.

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KitchenAid Stand Mixer – If there’s one appliance you invest in, make it be this timeless staple. | KitchenAid Cordless Hand Mixer – You won’t believe how much the cordless aspect is a game changer. | AirFryer – One of the more newer crazes, this makes dinner a breeze. Plus, it’s beautiful on your counter. | Nespresso Machine – For the latte lover, you’ll save on those Starbucks trips! | Vitamix Blender – One of the most popular blenders out there and there’s a reason why. | Nugget Ice Maker – Okay, we’ll admit, this one is more a luxury item. But once you switch to pebble/nugget ice, you’ll never go back! | Toaster – A retro twist on a classic kitchen staple. | Beast Blender – Perfect for smaller portion or on-the-go smoothies.


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