april 5, 2023

Beard Ave. Project Reveal

While we have fun revealing every project of ours, today’s might take the cake for one of the most special. For our Beard Ave. Project, this was a unique project for our designers as it was designing for one of our BHI team members!

This lower level space was a bit of an afterthought for our colleague-turned-friend-turned-client because the decision to finish it was late in the game when they built their home years back.

Burnt out from the building process (something we see often with our clients!), quick selections were made that didn’t necessarily reflect their personal style or long-term goals. So, enter team BHI.

Previously, everything was a bit one note — brown carpet, trim, walls, etc. Additionally, the space used to have a half wall/drink ledge which our clients initially thought they wanted but ended up just closing off the rooms and creating a strange divide. Our clients knew they wanted a kitchen/bar for entertaining friends and family for holidays, Superbowl, parties, etc.

So, our team created a renovation and furnishings plan to give them an amazing space to host (including a keg featuring a beer, root beer, and sparkling water tap!) and entertainment center. With their children getting older, they finally felt they could invest in the space as a place for our family to enjoy vs. it having a bunch of kids toys everywhere and we loved bringing this moody, modern, and classic space to life!



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A note from Bria Hammel Interiors: Below are the disclosed sources for our Beard Ave. Project! While we understand that our readers love to shop/know the details of our projects please know that not all sources will be shared. To honor and respect our relationships with our clients, items that are custom, one-of-a-kind, or to the trade only will not be revealed. Retail items and/or similar options will be linked above. Thank you for following along!

Kitchen/Bar: Olive Topiary Art | Glass Vase | Brass Pendant Lights | Counter Stools | Brass Sconces

Family Room: Paint Color | Sectional – To the Trade Only | Ottoman in Khaki | Black Side Table | Console | Black Metal Side Table | Sectional Pillows – Custom | Ivory Rope Tray | Glass Vase | Woven Small Basket | Leather Chair in Honey and Cotton | Leather Ottoman in Honey and Cotton | Accent Table | Pillow on Chair | Floor Lamp | Olive Topiary Art | Landscape Art |


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  • Joan P April 5, 2023, 11:35 am

    Absolutely perfect! I love the colors and finishes throughout the design. Beautifully done!

    • Bria Hammel Interiors December 11, 2023, 11:02 am

      Thank you Joan!

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