july 3, 2024

Minnesota Summer

Summertime is always a blast, whether you’re lounging by the pool, diving into the lake, spending time with friends and family, or simply enjoying the outdoors. However, summer in Minnesota holds a unique charm. We chatted with our team to discover their favorite activities and the special local spots they never miss visiting.

Bria: One of my favorite activities to do in the summer is antique shopping in Minneapolis and St. Paul ending the day at the WA Frost patio for happy hour. My favorite stores in Minneapolis are Andie Collective, Hunt and Gather, J. Atelier, A Rare Bird, and Victory. Some of my favorites in St. Paul include Anthony Scornavacco Antiques, Betty’s Antiques and The Missouri Mouse.

Katie: This summer I really want to go to the Lavender Bluff lavender farm (technically in Wisconsin, but close!). Norseman is one of my favorite distillery’s especially in the summer when the garage doors open up! I am also looking forward to visiting the “Champagnery” with my family this summer at the Mousse Winery.

Top left: WA Frost patio. Top right: Lavender Bluff Farm.

Elissa: One of my favorite things to do in the summer is take our boat out on any of the smaller lakes around the northeast metro (Gervais Lake, Lake Owasso, White Bear Lake, Bald Eagle Lake, Big Marine Lake). They’re quick outings that don’t have to be a full weekend, but fun to pack a cooler and snacks and be on the water and the beach for an afternoon.

Tracy: I love staying around my hometown of Stillwater, MN! There are some great restaurants, fun shops, and beautiful views of the St. Croix river. A fun activity we like to do is walk or bike the St. Croix loop which brings you over two different bridges into WI and back into MN. View route here.

Taylor R: Minnehaha Dog Park is my favorite place to spend a summer morning with my pup, Pepper! It’s right on the Mississippi River and is the perfect combination of peace and play.

Top: Pepper at the Minnehaha Dog Park. Bottom left: Temperance State Park. Bottom right: Lord Fletcher’s.

Taylor M: Temperance River State Park! It’s worth the drive to visit this park near Schroeder, MN. With trails both short and long, there is a hike for all levels. Visit the waterfall or go cliff jumping in the gorge (if you’re brave enough to bear the chilly temps). Our five year old did it last 4th of July!

Emmi: A fun place to go in the summer is Lord Fletcher’s in Spring Park! It’s located on Lake Minnetonka so you can also park a boat there. I love it because it has a such a great outdoor patio area that’s perfect for hanging out with friends and family and there is often live music playing. They also have sand volleyball courts attached, so you can play for fun or create a team and join their summer league.

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