september 5, 2012

Louie: 3 months old!

I cannot believe my baby boy is 3 months old! I’ll probably say this every month, as I just never fathomed it would go by this fast!

We had another fun and busy month. It was hot hot hot in Minnesota but Louie sure was a trouper! (he must have some of my Texas blood in him!)

We made our first road trip to Kansas in August to visit our “Kansas Family”. Louie did so good in the car… slept the whole way. We had to wake him in Des Moines while we got gas so he could eat and get changed. While in Kansas Louie had many firsts… Ate his first Quintons (well sat next to us while we ate), went for his first swim in Auntie Hillary’s pool, had his first crush (he wouldn’t take his eyes off Liz Liz all weekend!) and met Daddy’s buddy Jason who was very sweet and went from a big strong baseball player to a total softy talking to us about how wonderful parenthood is. Such a sweet guy. Hillary’s mom and dad Gary and Debbie (aka Grandpa and Grandma Kansas) watched Louie for us so mommy and daddy could have fun at the pool party!

This month Louie also got to hang out with his buddy Connor Moy, who is only 6 weeks older than him. We laid them on the floor together and Louie immediately connected arms and wouldn’t let go! Steph and I were laughing so hard!

We worked hard this month on tummy time… and being on the floor so Louie could start figuring out how to move. He does really well on the ground, normally puts up with it for 20 minutes or so. We practice rolling and strengthening his neck while he is on his tummy. He is SO much better now then he was at the beginning of this month!

We spent lots of time visiting family…

Time with Grandpa!

Hanging out with his cousin Bayla while watching his cousin Ari on the rides at the MOA

Lots of Uncle Brian time!

We met a new friend this past week too! My friend Kate, who is one of my old roommates, had her first baby Aven Hope. Louie and Aven are 12 weeks apart. It was amazing to me to see the difference in size between the two! I can’t believe Louie was that little!

This past month has been so fun. Louie is so interactive and full of smiles! His facial expressions crack me up 🙂

Louie is getting to be such a big boy! Love this little man more and more every day!!!

Louie’s 3 Month Stats:

Clothes: 0-3 months are starting to get packed up now that he is 12 weeks. Most things fit width wise, but all of his onesies are too short as well as any pjs with footies.

Diapers: Still size 1, but going to switch to size 2 once we use up the size 1s.

Food: Formula! Eating 6oz. bottles every 3-4 hours

Sleep: Sleeps through the night now! Goes down between 8 and 9pm, and sleeps until 7am.

New Developments: Talks all the time! Can hold his head up now when doing tummy time. Learned how to splash with his feet in the bath tub. Can stand for about 10 seconds while holding mom or dad’s hands. Squeals when he laughs… haven’t quite gotten a solid belly laugh yet.

Likes: Loves to watch tv (uh oh). Loves to look at chandeliers and fans. Very ticklish! And now loves to play patty cake and sing itsy bitsy spider.


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