november 12, 2012

Louie: 5 Months Old!

This last month seemed to go faster than normal. We went on our first family vacation, Louie had his first plane ride, and he started eating solids! Lots of firsts this month and it was so fun 🙂

Our first family trip was to Arizona. We ended up flying on buddy passes so Charlie got on a flight the night before us. Louie, Grandma Kay and I flew the next morning, but were not able to get on a flight to Arizona so we had to fly into Vegas and rent a car and drive down! It was actually kind of fun, I love driving in different areas of the country.

He was such a good boy on the plane. We were lucky enough to get a seat for him so he could stay in the car seat. He slept the whole time we were in the air. So nice!

Vegas Baby!

We went to Scottsdale one day and Louie got to spend lots of time in the pool. It was perfect weather, just in time before the cold weather hit Minnesota.

Our favorite place to eat!

Lunch with Papa

Swimming with Grandma

Louie spent a few days with Grandma and Papa alone while Charlie and I had a mini-trip to Palm Springs with some friends.

Octoberfest with Grandma and Papa

So excited to go to the pool!

Getting ready to leave Arizona with Daddy 🙂

This month we also went to the pumpkin patch and celebrated Halloween with our family. Louie wasn’t sure about the whole costume thing but he was a good sport!

Trick or Treating with his cousins!

And he’s out!

Louie is such a great eater! He will honestly eat anything… green beans, peas, carrots, of course all the fruit, he will suck on pickles and limes, even likes avocados!

Louie is such a happy baby. Probably because of all the people around him that love him so much! We are so lucky to have such a sweet and fun little boy!

Rock Chalk!

Eating in his high chair

Loves his new bouncer that Mimi got him!

Playing with his friend Anna!

Hanging out with the happy couple right before they got engaged!

Dinner date with Daddy!

Patiently waiting for his cousin to be born… any day now!


Louie’s 5 Month Stats:

Clothes: Baby Gap and Old Navy, he is still wearing 3-6 months although they are starting to get too small. I’ve been buying all 6-12 month clothes now, which are still kind of big on him. He is about to outgrow 6 months at Carter’s and move to 9 mos.

Diapers: Size 3 now. Just switched him. They are pretty big on him, but not too big. And at night when he sleeps for 10-12 hours he doesn’t leak as bad in the size 3’s.

Food: He eats cereal mixed with a fruit or vegetable in the morning, finishes the rest of the fruit, and then eats an 8 oz bottle. Wow I can’t believe he isn’t chubby! He then will eat 4 more 8 oz bottles throughout the day. We just started adding a solid meal at dinner time. He also loves to suck on pickles, and has even tasted a lemon and didn’t freak out!

Sleep: Still sleeping through the night. Although this month at times he would wake up once or twice a night crying. So I would go into his room and give him his pacifier, and then he would fall right back to sleep. With the time change this month he has been waking up around 6, but talks himself back to sleep most days. He normally gets up for the day at 7:30am.

New Developments: He is teething big time! Two bottom teeth have been trying to break through. He has been quite the trooper. Not too fussy, just a little more whiny than normal. As long as he has his pacifier near by he normally does fine. Still isn’t rolling over consistently although he has done it a couple of time. He loves to stand more than anything!

Likes: He loves this lullaby cd we received as a gift. The second I put it on in the car if he is fussing or crying, he stops and falls asleep within minutes! He also loves his bouncer that Mimi bought him this month. He will sit in there for 30-45 minutes at a time playing. He has taken a big notice to Toby, our dog. He watches him all day long! So sweet 🙂

It’s been an exciting month and we can’t wait for this next month with the holiday season coming up! Can’t believe it’s that time of year already!



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