february 12, 2013

Louie: 8 Months Old!

Another month, and our baby boy keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. It really is so fun to see his personality develop. He has started grabbing our faces now, pretending to be shy and turning into us when someone says hi… all of those things that can melt a momma’s heart!

Busy month this month! It was birthday month for me, my dad, sister, and oldest niece! So needless to say Louie got to do lots of partying! We also left him for the longest time yet, 4 days while we went to Florida. That was HARD.

His personality keeps getting stronger and stronger… being silly, laughing more, making faces at people.

Love this boy more and more every day… words can’t even describe.

He is getting mobile! He has figured out how to roll everywhere!

Ari’s 4th Birthday Party!

Hanging out with Uncle Zac at the birthday dinner!

Louie watching his dad coach hockey!

The sweet face that greeted us when we came home from Florida 🙂

Such a good boy when he goes to work with mommy!

Louie making new friends at the Super Bowl party!

Have I mentioned how lucky we are to have my sister in law in the family? Couldn’t feel luckier to have someone that can capture such sweet pictures of our little Louie!

Louie’s 8 Month Stats:

Clothes:6-12 Month clothes if they are pants or shirts. Onesies, footie pajamas, and one piece outfits are all 12 months.

Diapers: Still in size 3!

Food: Starting to eat solids 3 times a day, and 4 8oz. bottles a day. He is doing great about picking up and eating puffs… and literally will eat ANYTHING we give him! He tried yogurt and cottage cheese this month and loved it 🙂

Sleep: He goes to bed around 7:30, and wakes up about 6:30 but stays in his crib until 7:30. He still takes a nap in the morning, sometimes 1/2 hours, sometimes 2 hours. And he normally takes a long 2 hour nap late afternoon.

New Developments: He got his 2nd tooth this month! Poor guy has been drooling like crazy. He is now rolling every where… and sits like a champ. Now that he sits so well he doesn’t enjoy the bouncy chair as much as he used to, I think he would rather be on the floor playing with his toys. He is getting much better at picking up small pieces of food to eat on his own.

Likes: We had to give him a remote control without the batteries because he kept trying to steal the working one. By far his favorite thing to play with! Why do we get kids so many toys??? He still likes his bouncer, although now that he officially sits on his own he definitely prefers to sit on the floor and dig in his basket of toys…. he thinks he’s a pretty big boy doing this on his own 🙂



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  • Kirstin Maxam February 12, 2013, 9:08 pm

    You're right about the remote--when I babysat him, he was constantly fixated on either that or my phone! Good luck it has a lock button on it so he can't accidentally text people ;)

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