april 15, 2013

Louie: 9 Months Old!

Ok, Ok, bad mom alert here! I never posted Louie’s 9 month post, and here he is, 10 months old already! So… plan on seeing a few posts on the little man back to back so I can catch up. And then, I promise back to design posts! Needless to say these last 2 months have thrown me for a loop! But more on that later…

We took our Easter pics at the beginning of the month so we would have them in time for Easter… they turned out so cute!

And here is one with Louie and his cousins… they are all so funny!

That same weekend we went sledding and hung out at the farm with the family! Louie didn’t love sledding, mainly because the first time we went down we plowed right into a big snow drift and got snow all over our faces 🙂

Trying out the bunny ears…

He was NOT a big fan!!!

We had an unexpected visit from Uncle Llew this month, Louie was so happy!

Louie is still such a big helper with my work! We were getting ready to stage a house and he got stuck in the middle!

Louie’s 9 Month Stats:

22lbs, 31.75″ tall. 51% in weight, 99% in height!

Clothes:6-12 Month clothes if they are pants or shirts. Onesies, footie pajamas, and one piece outfits are all 12 months.

Diapers: Still in size 3!

Food: Solids 3 times a day, 4 8oz. bottles during the day. Loves fruit, cheerios, and all baby food.

Sleep: Still going to bed at 7:30pm, but now waking up at 6am! What the heck? Actually has been good for me because it gets me up and working earlier then normal!

New Developments: Still rolling everywhere… and he is definitely finding his voice! He loves to hear himself echo in stores, especially Target. Good thing we only go at 8am when there aren’t many people there yet!

Likes: Loves to explore… and loves Toby. Poor Toby doesn’t know what to do! He loves to eat… I swear the kid wouldn’t ever stop eating if we didn’t cut him off. Somehow he hasn’t gotten any rolls though!


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