may 18, 2013

Louie: 11 Months Old!

One more month before his birthday? So crazy. I promise I’m not going to get emotional in this post… I will save that for the next one 😉

We had a busy and fun month this month. Little boy is on the move and wants to do it on his own! He is quicker than me, I swear. Can climb the stairs about as fast as I can.

We went on another plane ride this month (crazy kid 2 trips in a month!) down to Kansas. He was my little helper and came down with me while I met with a new client. We also got to get some much needed Chris and Hillary time, and Louie found his future wife (at least in his mind!)

1st time watching Barney!

Baby proofing has taken place!

We went to the zoo for the first time, he loved it!

Loves his cousins!

1st nice day outside, watching the boys do landscaping!

1st Wild Game! He got to watch the game from a suite- not a good way to start him off!

Flying to Kansas! Great travel partner!

Louie loves his Kansas family!

Going for the older girls…

Happy boy at Quintons in Lawrence!

He is all boy playing in the mud…

His new toy that he loves!

Enough said…

Louie’s 11 Month Stats:

Clothes: 12-18 Month for all clothes, pj’s are 18 month.

Diapers: Still in size 3! Although I’m starting to think we need to move up to a 4 soon.

Food: This kid eats everything. He can eat an entire kids meal at a restaurant. 4 bottles a day still…

Sleep: He has been an earlier riser lately. More like 6:15. Still going to be by 7:30. Naps 2 hours in the morning, 1 in the afternoon.

New Developments: He sits on the floor and does 360’s. Walks along furniture… goes everywhere. Crawls up stairs faster then I can walk them. 5 teeth now, 2 on top 3 on bottom!

Likes: Loves to explore. Loves being outside. LOVES THE POOL!!!













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