june 8, 2013

On your 1st birthday…

To my sweet baby boy,

I can’t even believe you are turning 1 years old today! How did that happen? I can still feel the anticipation I had to meet you one year ago today. I don’t think I’d ever been more excited in my whole life! Daddy and I talked about the day for months. You have been our everything this past year. Just the other night when Daddy and I had really long stressful days at work we pulled you out of your crib while you were asleep and brought you to our room so we could see you more (bad parenting, we know!) We know you are sometimes the only thing that can brighten a bad day.

It’s so fun watching you with your Dad. It makes me so happy to see him love you so much. You are one lucky boy to have so many people loving you! I can already see so much of your Daddy in you! (uh oh!) You are one social, chatty kid. I LOVE IT!

I never understood this whole process of becoming a mom, but man did you take it easy on me. Daddy and I joke all the time that we are in for it on our next kid, because you have been an angel baby. Sleeping so good, so social, happy, and sweet. I truly can’t get enough of you! Man your laughs- makes me laugh so hard I cry, pretty much every time.

It’s scary sometimes how much I love you. It’s a different kind of love than I’ve ever felt. Who knew I would think every burp, spit up, or poopy diaper would be so sweet!

I’m so excited to watch you grow up! But so sad to see how fast it goes. Stay my baby for a while ok? This mommy wants to enjoy every possible moment I can with you, my sweet sweet boy.

Maybe we can take this year a little slower? What do you think little man? Could you do that for your Momma?

I love you to the moon and back,



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