september 14, 2013

A Break From Business

Labor day weekend I went MIA for a few days from work to plan something very special for some important people in our lives. A crazy weekend to do it as the Parade of Homes started the following week- but sometimes you just have to do those things!

This month we are celebrating my father and step-mom’s 25th wedding anniversary. All of us kids decided it would be best to throw a surprise party (basically so the parents would stay out of it and let us take care of everything!) A surprise party was no easy task with these two… but- shocking to us all, we pulled it off! (It also helped that we threw the party almost 3 weeks before the actual day!)

We held the party at our family farm- which was a challenge with no air conditioning- it was 100 degrees out! Barely any electricity, and only an outhouse and the great outdoors to use the restroom! With all that said it turned out to be a beautiful, unforgettable night that I don’t think any of us will ever forget!

Beautiful signs my brother in law made for the party!

Their reaction!

My sister in law found this adorable cake topper on etsy! Isn’t it cute?

My brothers the bartenders 😉

The little man with his Grandma Bena


Grandkids photo op!

Me and my beautiful sister in law!

How cute are my nieces?

All the girls!

Cutting the cake 🙂

Thanks to my amazing sister in law Diane for the beautiful pictures as always!




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