july 7, 2014

{Trend Report}: Art Musings

Hello readers! Anna here. One of my favorite steps of the design process is selecting the finishing touches for a space – especially art. It’s the little things that make a room go from “blah” to “ta-da”! Art is a great opportunity to express a client’s personal style and interests. On the other hand, hanging art can be daunting terrifying so I leave it up to the professionals. However, if you happen to be a DIY lover check out this great article. Also, try this one. Below are a few examples of creative applications to get you and us inspired:

art on molding

image source

Above: Here are those lacquered walls again! Often in traditional homes I like to hang art that overlaps wall paneling which really adds interest to the eye.

white art

image source

Above: I think this is my favorite image so far this month! Such a sophisticated modern space! The art application is unique in that it’s almost the same color as the wall. However, it’s still adding that little “ta-da” moment while keeping the monochromatic theme. It wouldn’t be quite as complete without those beautifully curated statues and smaller pieces either.

art on bookcase

image source

Above: This style of hanging art is so unexpected. It’s surprising traditional in many spaces. It adds dimension but keeps it simple with a figure sketch.

art in bookcase

image source

Above: Another great bookcase example. It really begs the question, “which came first?”

art on wallpaper

image source

Above: Many are hesitant to hang art over really graphic wallpaper. However, I think it finishes off this little corner into a more styled look. The cute bar cart doesn’t hurt either!

gallery wall

image source

Above: Now THIS is a gallery wall! It would be so unexpected in a powder room and would really showcase the homeowners style.


image source

Above: How is this for an elephant in the room?

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