september 2, 2016

On Your 1st Birthday…

Baby girl… its been an entire year since you made your entrance into this world. It’s hard to believe, this truly has been the fastest year of my life! Oh the joy you bring to us; me, your dad, your brother… we are so blessed to have you as part of our family.

We waited so long to get you, but man were you worth the wait! Your sweet smiles, your happy disposition, your strong willed character, we couldn’t ask for a more perfect daughter. It’s funny, I look at you and I feel like I’ve known you my whole life. Is it because already I can see myself in you? Is it because you have so many similar mannerisms as your brother? When I watch you interact with Louie, your dad, our friends, our family, it makes my heart flutter. You just make me so happy.

You are so close to walking, your first word was “Dada” (your brother’s too!), you can say “done” and “hi” to everyone who walks by. You finally cut your 4th tooth, and you FINALLY sleep thru the night! (Took 11 months to get there!) You are so observant and don’t miss a thing.

I can’t wait to see you turn into a little girl… watching your brother get older I can only imagine the silly things you will say and the sweet expressions you will share. I can’t wait to watch your relationship with your brother grow… oh do you love him so! (almost as much as he loves you!!) I know there will be a time where you will be at each others throats, I just want to bottle up all this love you have for each other so I can share that reminder with the two of you when you are in high school and arguing over who gets the car at night.

I love you more than anything baby girl! Thanks for being our miracle baby, for holding our hearts in the palm of your hands and being our sweet, silly, beautiful Brooklyn.

Happy birthday angel we love you with all of our hearts!



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