march 8, 2017

Three Easy Tips for Dad

As we wrap up our final day in LA, we can’t help wonder what our husbands have been up to the last four days while the Moms have been away.

Before we left, we shared some tips with our husbands to help them get through the days. How hard can it be?

Tip 1 | Build a fort. This concept is a no brainer for the Dads, so we let them take the creative lead on this one.



Tip 2 | Cook with the Kids. We made this especially easy by putting everything together ahead of time. All Dad had to do was boil some water, and pour on the cheese. Easy enough, right?

What actually happened…

Tip 3 | Playdate. Grab a pal and his kids, and have them over for an afternoon. The Dads can enjoy the game, while the kids entertain themselves. It’s a win, win!





While Mom was away, the Dads sure played.


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