june 8, 2017

On Your 5th Birthday…

To My 5 Year Old Louie,

How can it be? 5? Oh little man the time really does fly. You, my baby boy, have brought so much joy to our lives, words could never explain. You have this tender heart that is so caring, so honest. When you love, you REALLY love. I love our “grown up” conversations we have together. We talk business, school, friends, movies. You tell me when we started our new development company that I “can’t just have all white houses in the neighborhood”… you seriously know me so well! How a little 4 year old would even process the fact that 1. you know my excitement for a beautiful white exterior. 2. You understand that owning a development company and building a neighborhood, I would have the option of building all white houses, and 3. it wouldn’t be ok to have an entire neighborhood of all white (I might beg to differ on that one!)

This year you have grown so much! Not just physically, although you are about a head height difference from most of your friends, and as tall as some of your 6 year old cousins. But your vocabulary, you can write your name, words, numbers. You are drawing pictures that we can kind of tell what they look like 😉 The biggest thing, you are developing relationships on your own. You have more “adopted” grandparents than any kid I have ever known! And they all love you as if you were their own.


Thank you for being my side kick. Thank you for being such a wonderful brother to your sister. You are gracious to her, but you have also taught her how to be tough, and stand up for what she wants.

I can’t wait to see what this next year brings for you! Another year of Montessori, spending time with some of your best friends! We have big decisions this year to make for you, where will you go to Kindergarten? I hope as you grow this year, your tender heart grows with you. But I also hope you learn to have your own voice. To stand strong amongst your friends and help them see what’s right vs. wrong. I hope you continue to love on your sister and realize she will be the best friend you will ever have! And I hope this year you and your Dad can have special time doing the things you love together, like playing hockey. He’s making big sacrifices this year quitting coaching the varsity boys to start coaching you! He hasn’t complained once about it, you’re pretty lucky to have him as your Daddy.

And finally, can I just ask 1 more thing of you? 1 more year of calling me mommy? (or maybe 10!) I’m not ready to be a “mom” yet 😉

I love you sweet boy, happy birthday!



{every year since the start of this company, I have written a letter to my children on their birthday. Why do I chose to do this on my business blog? Because this business wouldn’t be anywhere without them! I work so hard for them, they are my soul and what makes me who I am. They are as much a part of this business as anyone else, and for them to have a place to go when they get older to see my love for them, THAT means the world to me…}

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