august 28, 2017

Navy Paint Colors We Love

There is no question we love white. White walls, white cabinets, white exteriors. But sometimes we like to play with a little color, and if we were to pick 1 go to color it would definitely be navy! Navy is a classic color that can make a bold statement. You can use it on walls, on cabinets, on the outside of your house! We get asked all the time what our favorite navy paint colors are, so today we are sharing our top 6!

Our all time most used navy color by BHI is Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore. It’s the perfect shade of blue. Not too dark, not too light… here are a few spaces we have used it in!

The North Freeway Road House

The Shady Beach Trail House

The Shady Beach Drive House



The Highland Parkway House

A few other colors to try to get that perfect navy:

Have you used a navy in your house and absolutely love it? We want hear your favorites! Happy painting 😉

















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  • Sarah Skillrud August 28, 2017, 7:09 pm

    We used it in my master! You helped me fin the perfect shade!

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