august 30, 2017

A Birthday Tea Party

A Toddler Birthday Tea Party

This past weekend we hosted Brooklyn’s 2nd birthday party. It’s hard to believe she is turning 2 already! As I have learned from my oldest, the days of Mommy choosing the theme of the party are almost over. I had to take full advantage this year and pick something that was fun for both of us! Brooklyn has quickly acquired a tea set collection, receiving her first set before she was even born. Some sit high up on the shelves waiting for her to get a little older, some she plays with on a weekly basis. So this year we decided to throw her a birthday tea party!

Our original plan was to hold her birthday party outside. It’s August after all… but in true Minnesota fashion, the weather did not hold out for us, so we brought the party inside. Surprisingly, it ended up being perfect! With young kids it was easier to control the chaos indoors. They all sat at the table for the entire lunch and were really well behaved! The adults were able to sit at the grown up table, and there was no need for sunscreen or bug spray.

The Decor

When everyone came to the party they commented on how “fancy” the party was… little did they know it took only a few hours the night before to pull the entire look together. A Target run, Whole Foods visit, and a last minute stop at Trader Joe’s we had everything we needed to throw the party together!

Charlie picked up a few palettes from one of our friend’s warehouses earlier in the week. I purchased the table cloth and blankets from Target the night before. We wanted to keep the color scheme light and colorful. I decided to use some of our heavier woven placemats under the plates to add stability (the gaps between the palette boards could have been a recipe for disaster with little kiddos!) and pulled a variety of our linen napkins from the drawer to make the setting feel more collected.

I ordered the plates and silverware from Amazon a few nights before. The plates and sliverware are PLASTIC! Key to a stress free kids party 😉 I also served organic apple juice boxes for the kids… much less likely to spill and if they do, its pretty much clear! Another win for hosting a toddler birthday party in an almost all white house.

How cute is the floral #2? I wanted something to highlight her age without using the typical balloons and banner. After some searching I found the foam 2 on Amazon and ordered it. We purchased carnations from the grocery store, and with a pencil I poked holes for the stems to go in tightly. It held up great! I do recommend doing it the day of the party. The foam doesn’t retain water and we didn’t want water running from it against our wallpaper. It was actually a fairly quick project and turned out exactly how I wanted it!

The Gift

For Brooklyn’s present I came across this adorable balance bike by Banwood Bikes and knew I had to get it for her! They come in all sorts of colors and come with the adorable basket on the front! She has to grow a few more inches to really fit it well. It’s nice to buy a gift we know will last her a long time.

We wanted to share links to the pieces we used in case you were inspired to throw your own Birthday Tea Party! Click on the images below to shop this post <3




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