september 4, 2017

Our Favorites for Back to School

And just like that, summer is over! As much as we yearn to have everlasting warm sunny days, there is something about the excitement of fall. Maybe its the fresh start with school, maybe its the changing of season, or the new fall clothes we always just “have to have”. Whatever it is, we are welcoming the season change with open arms! And today, we are sharing our favorites for back to school!

Having 2 kids in school now (Brooklyn is in the toddler room, Louie is in his 3rd year of Montessori) I’m appreciating more and more the convenience of uniforms! Louie wears a uniform to Montessori but Brooklyn doesn’t in the toddler room. With her new obsession for what she call’s “camp shirts” aka big brother’s oversized t shirts… mornings can be a struggle to get ready.

New Gear for School

Getting the kids things that they are excited about and feel good in is key! Brooklyn fell in love with her State backpack when it arrived and she barely takes it off! I’ll admit, a little bribery goes a long way with that girl.

I love that State Bags come in all different sizes, and have a little bit of a grown up feel to them. We bought them a little early this year so we were able to take them with us on a family vacation and they held up great traveling thru the different airports! The kids got so many compliments on them, and it was so cute watching them walk thru the airport with their coordinating bags…

Clothes That Stand the Test of Time

In the office we are always discussing where the best places are to get clothes for our kids. The great debate, to invest in nice clothes are not? I’ve gone both ways, dressing the kids in head to toe Target, and shopping at the same places I shop for myself like Nordstrom, JCrew, and Gap. Time and time again, I’m donating the Target clothes because they shrunk, wore out, or washed out, while the pieces I’ve purchased that I’ve spent a little more money on have lasted thru the school year! I’m not saying there is anything wrong with Target, trust me we are there every.single.weekend! But when it comes to kids who are so hard on their clothes, investing in some nicer staples is definitely worth it.

Jess and I got the kids together for a little playdate at the park sporting their new fall clothes so we could share with you all our favorites this season. Jess and I definitely have the same taste when it comes to dressing our kids. Preppy, pretty neutral, and definitely classic pieces that won’t go out of style in years to come. (The best part about buying nice clothes for the kids is they hold up enough to hand down!)

As busy moms, having clothes that will last the entire school year is such a bonus! Especially when you can mix summer/fall/winter clothes. We are all about durability, classic style, and obviously a whole bunch of cuteness. You can shop all these looks on the link below! Happy Fall!


Girl’s Fashion

Boy’s Fashion




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