october 5, 2017

The Monthly Edit: October

We are well on our way into October and things are crazier than ever around here! I love the hustle and bustle of fall. It’s kind of like we are all getting ready to nest for the winter 😉

October’s Monthly Edit

  1. We stumbled across this adorable website called Parker Thatch, that has the CUTEST totes and bags. Starting this week I’ll be traveling almost every week for the next 2 months, so having cute and practical travel gear is of high priority for me! These would also make the cutest gifts for Christmas!

  2. Our Interior Stylist Jess just came back from France and fell in love with this store, Sandro while she was in Paris. The best news? They ship to the US! It’s always so much fun to find new lines of clothing that you don’t see everywhere around here. Loving all of their lace detailing and the simple yet intricate designs…

  3.  Did you see our project reveal of the Scheffer House this month with SD Custom Homes? There are a few items in these pictures we have been getting a ton of emails about, so thought we would share a few of the sources here!

  4.  With all the traveling happening lately I have had a lot of time to read magazines (something I never get to do when I’m home!) I love seeing whats going on in the world of design, and learning about new product and product lines that designers are using! I came across this amazing kitchen accessory website, Cole & Mason USA that has this self watering herb pot. It’s pretty, and it will allow you to actually keep those fresh herbs alive! #genius.
  5. Another reveal we shared this month was my mother’s home. It was so much fun to share a little bit about her story, and it has been a big hit on instagram! The artwork in the living room has been the most asked about piece in the home, and it happens to be a really reasonable piece! You can shop it here 🙂
  6. Feeling the fall vibes in Minnesota. Here are some of my favorite pins for fall right now!
  7.  I’m all about a great coffee table book, especially when it’s interior design related. So as you’d guess I was so excited to be sent the newest Rizzoli book release, Beth Webb, An Eye for Beauty. There is something so special about seeing a designer’s work accumulated into one bound place. It can say so much about their taste, their vision, and the transformation they make with their clients lives. I loved reading about Beth’s attention to simple detail, as she discusses in the book, there are so many details that could easily be glanced over when looking at one of her spaces, but as you take time to enjoy the room the details are the best part of the entire design. You can get your copy of Beth’s book here! You won’t be disappointed.
  8. We have a thing here at BHI where we tend to all buy the same clothes and accessories every season. I suppose it’s because we spend so much time together we end up liking the same things! One of our favorite finds this fall, perfect for those quick mornings where you still want to look put together but you don’t have time to completely do your hair. JCrew came out with these adorable velvet ribbon hair ties and we all fell in love! Now to only not wear them on the same day 😉
  9.  I get asked all the time how I manage our social media on my own. It’s definitely a big job, but I’m so connected to it, it’s kind of like my work baby. I wouldn’t be able to do it without great tools that help keep me organized, on task, and efficient. I came across this great blog post by Waiting On Martha where she shares all the tools they use, and there was such a cross over between what they use and what we do. So I thought I’d share her post with you today! It’s always reassuring to hear multiple people using the same apps!
  10.  As much as we love following other designers, we love learning of new architects as well! We found Patrick Ahearn recently and have fallen in love with his work. Check out his website here and instagram here.

    And just like that another month of the Monthly Edit. We have some VERY exciting things happening in October so be sure to check back next month to see what were working on over here at BHI!


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