october 21, 2017

A Storybook Halloween Party | Bria Hammel Interiors

Does Halloween ever seem a little scary for your little ones? Sometimes, spending a month focusing on witches, ghosts, and monsters just makes home more stressful. Bedtimes get a little harder, nightmares a little more often and it can just add up to unnecessary stress for the little ones. Throwing a traditional halloween party was stressful knowing that sometimes it may heighten the children’s fear level.

This year, Louie asked to be a wolf for Halloween. Not a scary one, just a wolf. Of course I was happy because 1, we could keep the scary monster costumes away for one more year, and 2, I could pair the perfect costume for his little sister.

The Storybook Halloween Party

Recently we were discussing at the studio what all of our kids were going to be for Halloween. The subject came up of how we all really don’t enjoy the typical Halloween decor and celebrations. Let’s just say orange and black aren’t really our colors! A little deeper into our conversations we decided there is no reason a family couldn’t throw a anti-monster Halloween party that the kids would love. When you think about it, kids want to wear costumes, play games, do arts and crafts and eat candy. It was then we decided to throw our Storybook Halloween Party.

The kids all dressed up in their costumes for the afternoon. Louie as a The {not so} Big, {not so} Bad Wolf. Brooklyn as Little Red Riding Hood. Charlie as Fern from Charlotte’s Web, and Jack as Max from Where the Wild Things Are. The kids enjoyed reading through their favorite story time books, playing I Spy in the backyard, and chasing each other around in their costumes.

The Games

The classic Halloween party game, bobbing for apples, can get awfully messy. A great alternative is doughnuts on a string. We bought a dowel from the local home improvement store, twine from the craft store, a few doughnuts from the grocery store. We were ready to go! The kids had an absolute blast!

Once the kids gobbled up all the doughnuts, we played a spin off of pin the tail on the donkey with a more holiday appropriate theme “Pin the Spider on the Web.” The kids thought it was so funny to have a blind fold put on them and be spun around until they were just a little bit dizzy! They all took their turn to get their spider to the center of the web, and the winner won a fun candy prize.

The Crafts

My kids love arts and crafts so pumpkin painting was a no brainer. We used washable paint and used a paper tablecloth for easy cleanup. It’s amazing how long a little paint can entertain a child!

Although they didn’t want to move on from pumpkin painting, the kids had so much fun decorating their own caramel apples. We stuck candy sticks into apples slices, melted the caramel and chocolate, crushed oreos, graham crackers, peanuts, and used mini chocolate chips as toppings. The kids might have even had more fun decorating their apples than they did eating them 🙂

We had so much fun at our non-scary Halloween party with the little ones! It only took a few simple activities and games to keep them entertained for hours! These little ones got to enjoy seeing Halloween in a little less scary light this year!



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