february 22, 2018

The Cooking Collective: One Potato

In the last year or two, home meal delivery subscriptions have really picked up. We’ve always been interested in trying one, but with how many options there are right now, we didn’t know where to start.

Luckily our friend, Anna, is amazing at educating individuals on the power of whole foods (see our previous post featuring her here). We turned to Anna for some advice and she introduced us to One Potato.¬†Catherine, the founder of One Potato has made it her mission to bring healthy and delicious options to the dinner table. Beyond just healthy, she ranks organic and accessible to be the top priority of One Potato’s meals. Well, that alone had us interested. So, we ordered up our first box to give it a try.

Our first box that arrived included a Chicken Quinoa Burrito Bowl recipe. One Potato prides themselves on the fact that almost every meal can be completed from start to finish in under 30 minutes. After opening our first box, we were truly surprised at how easy and efficient they had made it for us. The ingredients arrived extremely fresh, as if we had just picked them up from the grocery store, and were pre-measured. Some of the items were even prepared for us! For example, the chicken was pre-cut, marinated and ready to cook. Talk about a time saver!

One of the greatest aspects of One Potato was the fact that my children could participate. Since barely anything needed to be chopped, they could focus on mixing and pouring the measured ingredients into bowls. Because they were a part of the experience I noticed they were more excited about dinner. Despite the fact that neither of them even knew was quinoa was, they were both excited to try it!

The finished product was amazing! Our entire family devoured it and we would definitely recommend One Potato to anyone looking to switch up their dinner game. Knowing that you have an organic, well rounded, pre-prepped, kid friendly meal to meet the dinner table is what got us hooked. Dinner done for you, now who doesn’t love that?

Use code: BRIA25 for 25% off your first box!

Thank you One Potato for sponsoring this post and providing this amazing promo code for our readers!


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