may 31, 2018

In the Garden | Bria Hammel Interiors

We’ve had a stretch of some hot days this past week (I’m talking 100° degrees), and boy am I glad that all of our yardwork and gardening is done. When it comes to planting florals, my motto is always the earlier the better. Sometimes if you wait until the heat of the summer, the selection can be sparse and it’s too late. Plus, I’d much rather have gardening be an enjoyable, leisurely task rather than baking out in the hot sun all day! So, a few weeks ago me, my husband Charlie, and the kiddos made a trip to our local nursery and stocked up on all the plants and florals for our front yard.

While Charlie and I focused on the landscaping and flower boxes earlier, I wanted to find something easy that the kids could help with too. We normally plant gardenia trees beside our front door, and so we decided to add some white florals and greenery to the base of the planter that the kids could help plant.

We’ve talked about how much we love our Gathre mat before, but we are still continuing to find more and more ways to use it. We laid it out on the sidewalk beneath the plants and it worked perfectly. It’s a softer place for the kids play, and you can just hose it off when you’re done! We also picked up these adorable gardening kits for Brooke and Lou and they loved them! It was the perfect size for the  kids and they had a blast watering the flowers and getting their hands dirty.

Brooke wore this adorable sunsuit and I am pretty obsessed with it. She looked so adorable and I kind of want to order a dozen more for her to live in this summer! It’s lightweight, easy to thrown on, and perfect for playing in the sun, taking a nap, or running through the sprinklers. Now… if they could only make the boy equivalent for Lou!

The kids love doing anything with their hands and gardening was no different. They were wonderful little helpers and it was definitely a great activity for them to start with!

For our planters we used these flowers:
Bacopa (small white flowers)
Wire vine
Licorice vine
Diamond frost (little white wispy flowers)

Since we spend so much time on our front porch in the summer, we’ve really made it our goal this year to get it fully put together. Keep an eye in the coming weeks for my front porch reno!


Photography by: Reyna Meinhardt



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