june 8, 2018

On Your 6th Birthday…

Lou Man,
It’s letter #6 and I can remember exactly where I was and what I was feeling writing your first one. Time flies when you’re having fun that’s for sure!

What a year it has been! Your last year of Montessori, sports upon sports upon sports… the friendships you are developing, it’s so fun to watch you grow! You still have the biggest heart I know. You love with everything in you, and care more for the people in your life than any other now 6 year old I know!

Who ever thought I would get such a loving, caring little man as my son? One of the only people in my life that the simple thought of them gives me a lump in my throat and makes my heart want to explode!

You proved to me this year that we have so much in common as you grow. You are an expert traveler, love the things I love {and also love all the same things your daddy loves!} making you to be quite the cultured little man! Your love for theater, musicals, antique shops; along with your obsession with baseball, hockey, swimming and “guys night”… makes you such a fun kid to be around!

I’m so proud of who you are becoming, and your little freckles get me every time!

Thank you for being such a great big brother, and being a little tough on your sister {it’s good for her, she is already such a strong little lady!}. Promise me to be her best friend throughout life. You have each other and together you can do anything!

Your Dad and I couldn’t be prouder of where you are headed. The fact that your teachers choke up in your parent teacher conferences because they just love how gentle of a soul you are, I’m just so proud.

A little story for you so you have a place to remember one of the most proud simple moments of your 6 year old life. At the Valentines Day Party at school this year, you were in a spoon race balancing little heart candy on your spoons and racing against a little girl classmate of yours. Everyone was cheering you both on, and you were about to win the race. The little girl dropped her candy from her spoon and instead of you pushing thru to win, you stopped, waited for her to pick up her candy and then you finished the race together! A perfect little story of how you choose to support other people and care that they are happy too. Your teacher said to me with tears in her eyes at that moment, “THIS is what I’m talking about when I say how gentle of a heart Louie has.” We didn’t teach you that, yes we try and lead by example every day with you, but that was all you bud!

Here is to another wonderful year of watching you grow. Kindergarten is coming up next and a change of schools that might be a little scary, but I know you are going to be GREAT!

I love you so much, you mean the world to me {and daddy and Brookie!}

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy,


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Photos By: Meghan Doll Photography


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