september 2, 2018

On Your 3rd Birthday…

Dear Sweet Brooklyn,

You’ve made it to 3 sweet girl! You have been talking about this day for the last 6 months! I’ve never known a little girl who wants to grow up more than you do. You keep telling us “I’m a big girl”… I tell you you’re my baby and you always say, “no mommy I’m your big girl!” No matter what you will always be my baby, whether you like it or not 😉

It’s been such a fun year with you. You went to preschool this year and made friends with everyone in the building. I’ve never met a more outgoing girl! Everyone says you look like me and act like your daddy- we definitely will have our hands full as you get older 😉

I’ve had so much fun watching you grow this year. You have the sweetest little heart and are so polite. I love our little conversations we have together, especially while we are driving. You can laugh at yourself as much as anyone, and you are constantly doing something to make us laugh!

You managed to make another trip to the ER this year, this time with 6 stitches in your forehead. I’ve never seen a 2 year old take stitches so calmly, I think I was more worried then you were! It makes me so happy to see you with your brother. You may drive him crazy sometimes but he loves spending time with you. You two balance each other out so well!

I’m so proud to call you my daughter. Everyone always says they want to raise their daughters to be strong, confident, and brave. We didn’t have to raise you like that, it’s deep inside of you. You can make yourself comfortable in any situation and handle change like no other.

You are becoming my little travel buddy! We have had so many fun trips this year, and I can’t wait to start taking you with on even more trips this next year!

We love you more than anything sweet girl! Happy Birthday!




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