november 20, 2018

Shady Beach Reveal Part III

Today we are excited to share the third and final post from our Shady Beach project with Sustainable 9! This was such an amazing home to work on and we are so thankful for all your kind feedback. Our clients were a dream to work with and we are so very grateful for the trust they put in us to make their vision a reality!

If you haven’t done so already, catch up on our previous posts and see the rest of the home here and here.

Master Suite

Although all the homes we design vary in style, our goal when creating a master suite seems to remain the same in every project we do. We always strive to make this space as tranquil, serene, and relaxing for the homeowners as possible. In this home, we went with light, muted hues and wood tones to set the scene for a peaceful retreat.

We decided to go with the canopy bed because of the height and drama it added to the room without overwhelming it. Although canopy beds tend to be a more traditional pieces of furniture, by selecting one that didn’t include a valence or panels, it became more a structural element with a contemporary vibe.

Beside the bed, we hung these incredible white plaster pendants designed by Suzanne Kasler (one of our favorites!) that immediately caught our eye and, again, added that modern touch to the room.

As you step into the master bathroom you are immediately drawn to the incredible tub and view overlooking the lake. We’re not sure about you, but we could definitely get used to waking up to that view every day! We played with a fun tile for the floor and installed two, natural wood vanities to create some warmth.

One of the best moments in the entire master suite is the darling vignette around this beautiful antique dresser that was handed down to our client by her mother. We dressed it up by adding new, Anthropologie hardware to it which made it feel a bit updated while still keeping the integrity of the vintage piece. It created such a focal point in the space and it couldn’t be more charming if it tried!

Laundry Room

The laundry room was one of the earlier rooms we designed in the home. We joke around our studio that we’re not sure we’ve designed a house in the past year that didn’t include at least one room that was wallpapered, but, we just love it – can you blame us?

We decided to add wallpaper to this typically mundane space to add a bit of personality and character! The wallpaper is in a similar color scheme to the rest of the home so while it does create a standout moment it doesn’t look completely out of place when looking at the entire home as a whole.

What are your thoughts? Do you love wallpaper too?


Our clients have two beautiful children and they wanted to create a room where they could be free to have fun and play. There is something so fun about designing a space for kids and we took the opportunity to play with color, pattern and whimsy.

One of our favorite (and from your responses on Instagram, you guy’s favorite!) features in the entire room is the butterfly installation on the wall. We loved this moment and, honestly, it wasn’t too difficult to execute! We found these 3D, paper butterflies on Amazon and placed them going up the wall in a sporadic pattern. We also love that they are temporary, so, in years to come if the homeowners want to take them down they can easily do so. We hope this space inspires a lot of imagination, fun, and laughter ☺️

These are the final spaces we wanted to share with you of our Shady Beach project! Thank you so much for following along these past few weeks!


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  • Katarina – November 29, 2018, 7:14 pm

    Oh my, this is breathtaking! I love what you did with this house and I totally get it why the butterflies are everyone's favorite. The house looks so bright, peaceful and fairy tale like now. I'm speechless, every corner is simply gorgeous!

  • sandi December 7, 2018, 8:20 am

    You did an incredible job on this home!! Are you going to post source links for everything in the Shady Beach project?

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