june 8, 2019

On Your 7th Birthday

Dear Louie,

7 years already. Time sure does fly. This year was a big year for you! Switching schools, the start of Kindergarten. I had so many nerves going into this year for you- all the change. Obviously I need to just trust you and know that you are meant for big things! The way you handle transitions and change, I can take note from you sweet boy.

Recently I looked at you on the baseball field and realized your not a little boy anymore. You’re tall, mature and really growing into yourself. You don’t hold my hand quite as often as you used to ;( But I also understand that this is you showing your independence, and someday I will be so grateful to know that you are more than capable of taking on this crazy world on our own. I hold onto every cuddle, hug, and hand hold I get- and I know you will always be our sweet loving boy.

It’s been such a fun year watching you with your sister. You play together so well, just as much as you hit heads. You are teaching her to be polite, and use her manners, and not letting her get away with too much!

I can’t believe you are done with Kindergarten and moving onto 1st grade! Your teachers love you, and your friends love you more.
I couldn’t be prouder to be your mommy (I still get that name for now!) My heart explodes on a daily basis with the kindness you bring to this world and love for the people in your life.

Here is to another amazing year for you! Your daddy, sister and myself can’t wait to see what you do.

Happy birthday sweet boy,


Photos by the fabulous Meghan Doll Photography

**I started writing letters to my children on their birthdays starting the day they were born. I knew I wanted to record my feelings in a place I would never lose, and capture these moments on a consistent basis. To see Louie’s letters from previous years, you can click here:

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