july 7, 2020

Save or Splurge: Rugs

Today we are excited for another installment of our save or splurge series! This time, we’re focusing on something our inboxes, comments, and DM’s are continuously flooded with – rugs!

Rugs can often be the starting point in a space. Frequently serves as the inspiration piece that sets the tone for the style, color scheme, and functionality of a room. Because of the importance a rug can have, it can also make the task of selecting one difficult. The one great thing about shopping for a rug is that there is an endless amount of options out there with varying price points.

We previously wrote a blog post about how to choose the right rug (which you can read here), but today’s post we’re focusing on a roundup of choices for you to shop! Whether you go with a high-end option or a cost effective selection, we’ve given all of these the BHI stamp of approval and would be happy to have in any one of our projects.

shop our favorite rugs

To shop, simply hover over the piece you like and click the black “+” sign. Happy shopping!


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