january 12, 2021

Ready For a Reset

If you’re anything like us, you’re usually looking for a reset in January. From incorporating healthier recipes into your meal planning to adding new workouts into your routine, the beginning of the new year is always a great opportunity to start fresh and reset your lifestyle!

Now, we would never claim ourselves to be experts in health and wellness, but, there is one thing we’re certainly good at… adding our own stylish touch to anything we do! Yep, even down the weights we’re using during our workouts. Are you really that surprised? 😉 Today we’ve rounded up an assortment of pieces we’ve tried and loved whenever we’re looking for a little refresh.

To shop, simply hover over the item and click the “+” mark or scroll to bottom. Happy shopping!

Shop Our Favorites

+ No. 1 (Leggings): We can’t be the only ones that feel more motivated to workout when we have a cute outfit to do it in. Right?

+ No. 2 (Air Purifier/Fan): With our health a top priority more than ever, we’re excited about adding this sleek air purifier to our home to keep allergies/bacteria at bay.

+ No. 3 (1lb Weights): We love these sleek wrist (or ankle!) weights to incorporate in our daily walks or yoga practices.

+ No. 4 (Beauty Elixir): A beauty staple. Wear on fresh skin for a dewy glow or underneath makeup for added radiance.

+ No. 5 (Detox Body Scrub): A detoxifying, spa-like product to scrub everything away! Now, if this only worked on the year 2020. Haha!

+ No. 6 (Cabana Tote): One of Oprah’s Favorite Things – do we even need to say anything more? This customizable tote is perfect as a gym bag, work carry-all or mom bag!

+ No.7 (The Five-Minute Journal): If you’re looking to start journaling in the new year, this Is a great way to start. 5 minutes a day!

+ No.8 (Diffuser): A sleek, beautiful way to incorporate essential oils into your home or office. Our favorite scent too diffuse is lavender!

+ No.9 (True Roots Cookbook): One of our studio girl-crushes, Kristin Cavallari, has the best cookbook of yummy (and healthy!) recipes. We’re hoping if we follow it religiously we’ll come out looking just like her! 😉

+ No. 10 (Water Bottle): Love this eco-friendly glass water bottle. Perfect for a workout but also pretty enough to carry with you a tall times.


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