september 23, 2021

Bria’s Home Addition: Project Update + Where to Save and Splurge!

We’ve had some great progress on our addition project over the past month and I’m excited to walk you through those today! In our previous post (see here), I got some questions about what areas of the addition I invested in and what aspects I was able to save on so I’ll be sharing that as well. Because this is my home and not a client’s project, I’m really able to be an open book – so feel free to send me all your questions in the comments below or through an Instagram DM! Alright, let’s dive into it, shall we?

It’s kind of incredible how much can happen just over a few months. From the framing and construction of the 3 season porch and the master sitting room above it, installing the chimney, our home has taken on an entirely new shape. In addition to the addition (no pun intended!), we also broke ground on the outdoor dining + pool area – so, it’s been quite busy at our home, to say the least! I’m keeping my eyes on the prize during the chaos and dreaming of all the wonderful memories our family will be able to share in these spaces in no time.


Orijin Stone + Flooring: We’ve worked with Orijin for our client projects numerous times and I love that they allow you to be a one-stop-shop for all your stone and flooring needs. Since the stone was going to be such a large part of the overall design, I wanted to it right and do it well. From retaining walls and patio pavers to our chimney stone and cap, they were able to get super custom with our project. Their customer service is top-notch and they were able to take my vision (which is not always easy with a designer as a client!) and bring it to life.

Caesarstone Countertops: We first saw Caesarstone’s outdoor quartz slabs at KBIS in Las Vegas right before Covid hit. It’s the first outdoor quartz line we have seen and we love that it was just as beautiful as indoor quartz but still life-friendly and durable for outdoor use. Of course, quartz itself is expensive, but the use our family will get out of our outdoor kitchen area in the Spring/Summer will pay for itself


Andersen Windows: When we built our home over 6 years ago, we had Andersen Windows installed in our entire home. So, when it came time for our addition, it was a no-brainer who we’d use. I have the Andersen 100 series which is a great bang for your buck. I love vinyl windows because they are super low maintenance but Andersen is also able to do the custom windows – like the round porthole window we’re adding to our master sitting room. We love working with Andersen because they can tailor to any project, no matter the style and budget.


Mom’s Design Build: Although I’m a designer, hardscape and landscape design is a whole nother story. When putting together our team, I wanted to pick vendors that not only could get the job done beautifully but that had an overall style that resonated with me. One of my favorite Minnesota homes was one they designed, so I was so excited to bring them on board to help me with my home. So, why did I categorize them as a save and a splurge? Hiring a designer is an investment, but having a company that does both the design work and manages the project is invaluable. Their expertise saved me time, stress, and, of course, money. They were able to point out things and provide tips like “instead of turf, you can use grass, this will save you x amount…” and presented me with 2-3 options per design decision to make an informed decision.

If everything goes according to plan, we hope to reveal the outdoor spaces this October/November and the indoor spaces sometime this Winter once the furnishings arrive. Until then, make sure to follow us on Instagram for more behind-the-scenes moments!


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