august 4, 2022

Back to School Picks & Prep

Preppy picks & mudroom must-haves for the most beautiful school year yet.

The back to school season is here (crazy!) which means it’s time to prep your kiddos and your home for the school-year ahead. We know how easy it is to spend hours hunting for the perfect backpack, a cute first day of school outfit and everything that goes into getting the kids ready for school which is why we’re giving some of that precious time back to you by sharing our favorite, preppy picks to send your kiddos back to school in style. Better yet? We’re sharing our Mudroom Must-Haves to get your mudroom ready for the busy-ness that comes along with heading back to school.

Nothing gets the kiddos more excited to head back to school than a new backpack. Take a peek at some of our favorite styles and click on the links below to shop each piece!

Girls Backpacks: Blue Floral | Grey Floral | Solid Pink | Camel Floral | Star Print | Denim Floral | Pink w/ Black Pockets | Pink Floral | Solid Blue

Boys Backpacks: Blue & Camel Colorblock | Blue Pinstripe | North Face Beige | Blue Camo | Solid Grey | Seersucker Blue | Blue Colorblock w/ red zip | Airplanes | Blue & Grey Colorblock

We’re big fans of a darling first day of school look. After all, we know we’re all taking those first day photos on the porch before we send them off! We could style cute little outfit combos all day long but we’ll start by sharing these two looks featuring pieces from brands we love. When it comes to kids clothes, we love finding a balance with budget friendly options and pieces that are a bit more of an investment but will hold up to the wear and tear throughout the entire school year and these looks are just that! Click on the image above or on the links below to shop each look.

Girls Outfit #1: Rattan Headband | Floral Dress | White Sneakers

Girls Outfit #2: Ruffle Top | Gingham Leggings | White Sandals

Boys Outfit #1: Stripe Tee | Chino Joggers | Veja Sneakers

Boys Outfit #2: Long Sleeve Tee | Shorts | Sneakers

Mudroom Must-Haves

1. Storage is Key – When designing mudrooms, we always keep storage at the top of our minds as we know how easily this room can get out of hand with shoes and coats galore. Built-in shelves, benches with storage beneath and a small counter space that acts as a “catch all” are some of our design must-haves to maximize storage.

2. Hooks for Hanging – This one might seem like a no brainer, but ensuring that your mudroom has ample hanging space is crucial. Giving your kids a designated spot to hang their coats and backpacks will make your space feel so much more put together and organized. Hooks are also a perfect, budget friendly way to add a little character to a space – we love these pretty hooks that we used at our Nature View Project (coming soon)!

3. Life Friendly™ Accents – From pillows and wallpaper to rugs and baskets, we highly recommend choosing Life Friendly™ options for your mudroom that are easy to clean and will also stand up to your busy on-the-go schedule. If you’re on the fence about wallpaper in your home, mudrooms are a great place to start as they’re a smaller commitment and wallpaper will also add durability to your walls. Check out Brooke & Lou’s collection of Life Friendly™ pieces (including our durable LF™ wallpaper!) and go into the school year with confidence knowing that your mudroom is ready to go.

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