june 8, 2015

On Your 3rd Birthday…

Dear Mr. Lou,

Seriously, 3 years old? I can hardly believe it! Do you know that on a weekly basis when I say my prayers I ask God, “Can I keep him?” We’re 3 years in and I still can’t believe you are mine.

The joy you bring to peoples lives is indescribable… I thought I was just being one of those “crazy moms” until you started going to school this year. When the teachers told your Daddy and I in your parent/teacher conference (yes we went to 2 of them this year when you were 2 years old!) that everyone knew who “Sweet Lou” was, and how much everyone loved you, I knew that I wasn’t the only one who could see how special you are.

This has been a tough year on us, but of course you have brought light in some otherwise hard days. Trying to grow our family and give you a sibling brought us a lot of heartache, living in an apartment without a yard for you as we waited to start building our house, it felt like our lives were kind of stuck. But look at us now! We are 12 weeks away from meeting your baby sister, and 16 weeks from moving into our new home! If you can remember anything from this year, remember that God has a plan and he will take care of us if we just keep praying and believing.

I love you so much sweet boy- and I cannot wait for the next year with you! Your stories and silly comments have us both laughing until tears on our weekly Target trips, the people in the store probably think we are nuts! But I wouldn’t change anything about you singing your silly songs and being goofy as we grocery shop for the next week. You make me feel young again and allow me to be silly and goofy in ways I never used to be.

Your time that you spend on the golf course with Daddy- some of your favorite times right now! You are so lucky that Daddy loves you so much! Not every little boy gets to have a Daddy like that! We are lucky parents to call you ours- and I promise we will keep trying to do the best we can to be fun, caring, supportive, and help show you the difference between right and wrong.

So here’s to you Mr. Lou, on your 3rd birthday. Thanks for being the best kid a Mommy and Daddy could ask for!



Bria Hammel Interiors | On Your 3rd Birthday

Bria Hammel Interiors | On Your 3rd Birthday

Bria Hammel Interiors | On Your 3rd BirthdayBria Hammel Interiors | On Your 3rd Birthday

To see Louie growing up, click here for his 2nd birthday and here for his 1st!

Photography by the amazing DianeH Photography!




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